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National Phonewords FAQ

Why should I secure a Phoneword?

A quality phoneword is one of the easiest ways to increase the performance of your business.

Phonewords make your number much easier to remember, this can result in increased qualified leads, increased sales and increased profit. Put simply, phonewords give you a serious competitive edge!

No matter how big or small you are, a quality phoneword can make your business top of mind with customers. For example, you may own a medium sized finance company – think of the competitive edge you would receive from the phoneword 13000 FINANCE!

A phoneword allows you to brand your telephone number in line with your business name (for example 1300 FOXTEL). If you are a large business with an existing national presence, this type of phoneword is of particular value. Especially when you consider that any given number can spell many different words (e.g. 1300 GOURMET also spells 1300 HOTROD!).

Make sure you don’t miss out on securing the phoneword that is right for your business!

Can people dial phonewords?


A recent study has shown that 92% of Australians are aware phonewords and 77% of Australians know how to dial a Phoneword.

What happens if my phoneword is longer than the telephone number?

A phoneword can be longer that the actual telephone number. This is because once the last telephone number is pressed the call is connected. This is called ‘over-dialing’.

For example:

How much does a phoneword cost?

At 1300 Phonewords we understand that cash flow is important and you need to make an investment that delivers value for money. That’s why we provide our phonewords on a licence basis with affordable monthly payments. This spreads the cost of your phoneword over a year.

We provide our phonewords for a minimum term of 36 months at a fixed price. At the end of the term you have the first option to continue using your Phoneword. So you can feel safe knowing that your phoneword will remain yours for as long as you are happy using it.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please fill out our customer enquiry form on the Enquire page and we will help secure the right phoneword for you.

What phonewords can you provide?

The simple answer is LOTS!

At present there are a wide range of phonewords for businesses to choose from, however, the pool is shrinking by the day! Please click here to complete our customer enquiry form and we will find a phoneword that is right for your business and budget.

Which phoneword is right for my business?

Great phonewords are like great websites, they should clearly tell customers who you are and what you do.

So the best phonewords are generic and describe your industry. If you sell shelving 1300 SHELVING is perfect for you.

What happens to my existing telephone number?

Absolutely nothing. Your phoneword will connect to your existing line. You will still be able to use your existing telephone number to receive calls. There is no need for a new line.

Can I choose my own telecommunications carrier?

Yes, you can choose any telecommunications provider you like. 1300 Phonewords will even help you connect your phoneword with your current telecommunications carrier or alternatively recommend a carrier.

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