Shared Use Phonewords FAQ

Why should I secure a shared use Phoneword?

The benefits of shared use phonewords are enormous!

On top of all the benefits of phonewords generally (increased response rates, more qualified leads and increased sales), shared use phonewords have the following advantages:
  • the most memorable phoneword for your industry – the name of your industry
  • an ultra-premium generic phoneword at a fraction of the cost of a national phoneword
  • the exclusive right to receive calls destined for the areas where your business operates
  • the benefit of other businesses advertising your number
  • a competitive advantage over all your competitors, even those using a Phoneword

How much does a shared use phoneword cost?

Our shared use phonewords represent amazing value, if you are interested in obtaining a quote, please contact us and one of our team will get in touch with you.

How can I be sure that all of the calls to my area come to me?

Our technology ensures that calls destined for your area are directed to you.

Do I need a new line or equipment to be connected?

No. Calls are directed via an automatic system. That means you can maintain your existing number in conjunction with your shared use number.

What shared use phonewords can you provide?

We have a limited number of shared-use phonewords for a number of industries, such as:
  • 1300 RADIATOR

We also have shared use numbers which span multiple industries, such as:

  • 1800 REPAIRS

Click here to find out which phonewords are available for your business.

What telecommunications carrier can I choose?

For our shared use phonewords, we will provide a cost competitive, quality telecommunications carrier for you.

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