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1300 Phonewords – shared use and national use phonewords

1300 Phonewords prides itself on providing customers with a range of phonewords tailored to their needs. A key part of this is our ability to offer phonewords on either a national or shared use basis.

National phonewords

Our national phonewords are provided to customers for the whole of Australia. We have a huge range of quality national phonewords – think of an industry and we’ll have you covered!

Our national phonewords give you the ultimate freedom to exploit the benefits of phonewords Australia wide. So your phoneword can grow with your business and your competition is prevented from ever benefiting from your phoneword.

You even have the ability (depending on your service provider) to licence your national phoneword to companies in states or territories where you don’t operate!

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Shared use phonewords

Shared use phonewords are ultra premium phonewords that are the primary word for a particular industry.

For example: 1300 REAL ESTATE and 1800 REPAIRS

1300 Phonewords provides customers with the use of phonewords such as these for a fraction of the normal cost by only directing phone calls from the geographical area of the customer’s choosing.

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