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Shared use – partners in numbers

The 1300 Phonewords difference – “Partners in numbers”

It may seem surprising, but 1300 Phonewords doesn’t simply provide businesses with great phonewords!

Rather, we create significant value for our customers by using ultra premium phonewords to create an individual brand built around their number. To achieve this we provide our customers with the most descriptive word for their industry. Make your phone number name as unique as your business.

For example:

Ordinarily, exclusive national use of phonewords such as these could cost thousands of dollars per month!

We provide these phonewords for a fraction of the usual cost by giving companies the exclusive right to use the phoneword and receive phone calls in the area of their choosing. We call this shared use.

That way you only pay for what you need and you benefit from the advertising spent by other companies promoting the number in their own area.

Why have a number that just says your name, when you can have the number that describes your entire industry?


You may only have one office with a small number of staff, but a phoneword which is descriptive of your entire industry gives you an edge over the competition – even the competition using a Phoneword with the name phone number name.

1300 Phonewords has a large range of phonewords that are available for shared use, contact us to obtain a quote.

How a shared phone number name works

We licence numbers on the basis of a shared right of use.

This means that you receive the exclusive right to use the phoneword in all of your advertising and receive all of the calls from customers looking for services in your area. An area can be as large as an entire state, or as small as one postcode.

No two companies can use the same phoneword in the same area.

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